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RCEF invited to share experiences

at "Teach for China" conference

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RCEF was invited to present our work to the fellows of Teach for China, an organization that recruits college graduates to teach for two years in under-resourced Chinese schools. Teach for China wanted RCEF to share how we work with local village teachers and the kind of innovative teaching that comes out of these partnerships. We showed videos of some of the creative projects RCEF teachers have facillitated with elementary school children. Ms. Huimiao Sun, one of RCEF's longstanding rural teaching partnrs, shared her personal story and the iimpact that RCEF had on her growth as an educator. 


Afterwards, many Fellows came to us to ask more about RCEF teaching methods and experiences working with local teachers and schools in rural China. Many said they were excited and inspired by the real examples of project-based learning and hands-on education that RCEF teachers have proved are possible in rural China. We were thrilled to see so many people passionate about innovative teaching and look forward to further sharing of experiences and practical methods with them! 


Click here to read an article about RCEF, Proof: Kid-Centered, Non-Textbook, Deep Learning is Possible in Rural China, written by Jessica Shyu, Teach for China's head of training.

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