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RCEF's story is featured in a new book called "A Guide to Giving" written by volunteers of the global organization Givology.  RCEF's co-founders were interviewd about their experiences and practical advice about the process of starting an organization to work on improving educational quality. More information about the book is available here and below. 

"What is effective giving? What exactly is the meaning of giving? A Guide to Giving, written collectively by volunteers of the global organization Givology, answers these questions by delving into topics of social enterprise best practices, measuring "return on giving", and optimizing volunteer engagement. The first half of the book is primarily a handbook for effective giving, drawing lessons from the Givology experience for budding changemakers. The second half shares the stories, motivations, and practical advice of 12 inspiring social entrepreneurs who have enabled extraordinary change around the world. Looking at statistics of global poverty, it's easy to think, "How can one individual make a difference?" The purpose of the book is to inspire you to action to start making a difference today!"

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