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RCEF awarded grant by Kowk

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RCEF has received a two-year grant from the Kwok Charitable Trust for a program focused on capacity-building for rural educators in China. Grant funds will be used to deliver capacity-building services to rural educators and rural education organizations that are carefully selected for their potential to advance the field of quality education service delivery for disadvantaged rural children and youth in China. Our capacity-building services have three components: 1) a Rural Education Fellowship that provides professional development to individual educators; 2) a Project Consulting Service that helps organizations, such as schools or NGOs, to strengthen their support of educators in their own programs; and 3) a Networking Platform that brings together education practitioners to share experiences and peer support as they work to improve the quality of their services to disadvantaged rural children and youth in China. 

We are grateful to the Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers for their support of RCEF's application.

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