Reading Curriculum Updates

Sow a Reading Seed

Ever since entering the internet age, there has never been a time in our history that so many people have access to media and reading materials. However, this is often passive reading lacking reflection and the content and information from the internet or other media changes so quickly.  What can we do to encourage active reading?

Reading Club September 2015

This semester, all the teachers started reading Piaget’s “Educational Psychology: Theory & Practice”. All of us agreed that the content of this book was closely related to our teaching experiences. The best part of this book, which was exactly what we needed, was the fact that it combines theory with practice.

Hello Homeland

[Oct 1, 2015] Today is the 66th National Holiday. The second-graders drew pictures in celebration of today during their Society and Life class.

Experiment Course—Establish Rules

It has been a few years since the last time I taught the same class to different groups of students at the same time. I saw this as an opportunity to enhance my teaching skills. Specifically, I planned to combine my knowledge of child-development theories with practice to help me discover what I do well and what I could do better.

The journey of a seed

September 2015
Wang Laos

September Story Time

Yao Laoshi read a story to her students. Here is her account of what happened: I picked this story because it is about fathers.

Partnering With Other Schools

We have been in touch with other schools seeking partnership since August. By mid September, we successfully established partnership with several schools and started teaching at those schools immediately. This semester, Yao Laoshi and Wang Laoshi started teaching Reading classes at Li Dian School and Ren Yang School.

Officials and Teachers Visit Xiaochao Elementary School

On April 11, 2013, the Yongji Education Bureau organized teachers from all over the county to visit RCEF partner school Xiaochao Elementary School and observe the Reading classes and library-related activities that RCEF and Xiaochao teachers have developed. 
RCEF Rural Education Innovator Yanzhen Wang and two RCEF-trained Reading teachers at Xiaochao Scho

Teaching Research Group Meets at Xiaochao Elementary School

On October 24, 2013, RCEF Rural Education Innovator Yanzhen Wang, RCEF Consultant Laxian Hu, and three teachers from partner school Xiaochao Elementary School met for their third Teaching Research Meeting of the semester. 
At the start of fall semester, these five rural educators created this professional development group to promote various reading activities at Xiaochao Elementary School, ra

The Story of Yiling

Teacher Wang Yanzhen, a RCEF Rural Education Fellow, recently shared the story of a young girl she has taught for two years at Xiaochao Primary School in Yongji, Shanxi Province:
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